Sivakasi Online : History of Sivakasi


Sivakasi has a known history of more than 5 centuries. The legend about Sivakasi goes like this. Long back  between 1428 and 1460 AD, King  Harikesari  Parakkirama  Pandian  ruled the southern region of Tamilnadu, with his capital at Tenkasi. He wanted to construct a temple for Lord Siva in  Tenkasi. Therefore he went  to  Kasi and brought a Sivalingam from there. On his way back with the prized Linga  he took rest under a  groove  of Vilva  trees, a  few  miles  past  Madurai.

The cow which   carried   Sivalingam, refused  to move  from  there. He  found  it hard  to  reach   Tenkasi  and  to install  the  Sivalingam on time. So he realised that the wishes of  Lord  Siva  were different from his own. The king reverentially placed the Linga in the place where he had  halted and  proceeded to Tenkasi.   The  place  which  was   sanctified   by   the  "Siva  linga  brought  from  Kasi",  henceforth  came to be called   Sivakasi.

In 1922 Mr. P.Ayya Nadar and Mr. A.Shanmuga Nadar went to Calcutta and learnt the art of safety matches manufacture. Next year they established the company ‘The South India Lucifer Match Industry’. It was the starting point of the modern industrialized Sivakasi which caters safety matches, fireworks and printing to the whole India.

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