Badrakaliamman ThirukKoil

Badrakaliamman ThirukKoil

Sri Badrakaliamman Temple is most famous temple of Sivkasi situated in the north of the town. Goddess Badrakaliamman, the guardian of sivakasi is a powerful deity who fulfills the truthful prayers of the needy.


Badrakaliamman ThirukKoil

The Rajagopuram of Sri Badrakaliamman Temple is believed to be the tallest of all kali temple towers in the state. Raja Gopuram has the length of 66 feets, width of 44 feets and the height of 110 feets of 7 stages. The base was constructed by stone, for 30 feets with 100 sculptures in 6 years. 80 feets of 7 stages was constructed with 30 architects within a period of 1˝ year. It has glittering gold kalasams which attract all newcomers.

Powrnami Puja

Powrnami Puja is celebrated grandly on the full moon day. Large numbers of people come to worship the Goddess. There is a very beautiful garden in this temple, and it impresses the visitors to a greater extent.

Chitirai Thiruvizha

Chitirai Thiruvizha is the major festival celebrated during April – May every year. It is celebrated for 10 days from the day of Kodiyettram. On the 7th day the "Ratha Urchavam" (Therottam) is held. The people move the giant car (Ratham) through four streets of Sivakasi during the festival. It is a spectacular event.

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